Content Management

Digital Marketing Platform
Content Management
  • Custom layouts for messages and media
  • Video, photos and games
  • Templates for easy design
  • QR Tags, SMS Polls and more
  • Wayfinding maps
  • Social media apps, news, weather…
  • Directories to help direct visitors
  • Broadcast content to any screen(s)
  • Schedules start/end dates,
  • Approve content before it can play
  • Content is delivered automatically
  • Multiple Independent Frames
  • Multi-channel Support

  • CONTENT CREATION AND BROADCASINT:  Our digital platform enables local businesses, national brands and advertisers to connect via our marketplace portal to buy advertising space on your digital signage.
  • REVENUE GENERATION FROM SELLING DIGITAL ADVERTISING Our existing network and on-going sales efforts shows vendors the advantages of advertising on your digital signage.
  • ANALYTICS: foot traffic, customer interaction…
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